How to Attract Good Luck and Wealth in Your Life as Per Vaastu?

How to Attract Good Luck and Wealth in Your Life as Per Vaastu?

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Vaastu Shastra is an old Indian way of building and designing things. It is about arranging buildings and spaces so they have good vibes and make you feel positive. People think that if they follow Vaastu, good things like money and luck will come to them. So, it is kind of like arranging your house in a lucky way!

Optimizing Energy Flow

The main entrance of your house is super important in Vaastu. It is like the gateway for positive energy to come in. So, where you put your front door matters a lot. If the door is blocked or facing the wrong way, it can stop good energy from coming in. Vaastu says to put the main door in a specific direction, like east or north. It brings good luck and happiness. 

Imagine energy flowing through your home like a river. Having lots of stuff lying around is like blocking a river with rocks and obstacles. Decluttering means getting rid of all the extra stuff in your home. It helps the energy flow smoothly. When there is less clutter, good vibes can move easily, making your home feel calmer. So, keeping your home neat and organized is an easy but strong way to improve energy flow, according to Vaastu.

Vaastu Essentials for Key Spaces

  • Bedroom Arrangements for Luck and Serenity

When it comes to your bedroom in Vaastu, where you put your bed matters. It is suggested to place your bed in a certain direction, like facing east or south. This way, you can attract positive energy and enjoy better sleep. To enhance the peaceful vibes in your bedroom, you can add a radha krishna brass idol. These brass radha krishna idols represent love and harmony. By placing one in your bedroom, you invite positive energy and create a serene atmosphere.

  • Kitchen Vaastu for Abundance

According to Vaastu, where you put your stove and sink in the kitchen is important. It's best to have the stove in the east and the sink in the northeast. This setup is thought to bring wealth and plenty to your home. Another way to boost prosperity in your kitchen is by integrating a brass kamdhenu cow or a brass kamdhenu idol. This sacred symbol is associated with abundance and fulfillment. Placing it in your kitchen can bring blessings of prosperity and wealth to your household.

  • Vaastu Tips for Workspaces

For your workspace or study area, Vaastu suggests an ideal orientation for your study table. It is recommended to place your table in the east or north direction. This arrangement promotes concentration and productivity, helping you achieve success in your endeavors. To bring success and clear away obstacles from your workspace, think about using a brass Ganesh idol. Lord Ganesh is believed to remove obstacles and represent wisdom. By having a brass Ganesh idol on your desk, you can increase positivity and draw success in your work.

Amplifying Wealth and Prosperity

In Vaastu, certain corners of your home are believed to be associated with wealth and abundance. By identifying these corners, you can enhance their positive energy and attract prosperity. These corners are usually found in the southeast, northwest, and north directions of your home. You can enhance these corners by keeping them clean, clutter-free, and adding symbols of prosperity such as plants or decorative items.

  • Brass Kalpvriksha for Growth

The Kalpvriksha is also known as the "wish-fulfilling tree." It holds significance in Indian mythology. Made of brass, this symbol stands for plenty and growing. Adding a brass Kalpvriksha to your home decoration is like asking for wealth and happiness. It reminds you of your dreams and the chance for success and progress.

  • Brass Nandi Idol for Abundance

Nandi, the sacred bull, is a revered symbol in Hinduism. A brass Nandi idol is believed to bring blessings of abundance and prosperity. Placing a brass Nandi idol in your home, especially in the wealth corners identified by Vaastu, can amplify positive energy and attract financial prosperity. It serves as a reminder of abundance and the potential for growth and prosperity in your life.

  • Indoor Plants and Sunlight

Bringing indoor plants into your home is like inviting nature indoors. They add beauty and also purify the air and promote positive energy. Allowing sunlight to enter your home can uplift the atmosphere and bring warmth. Sunlight is like a natural energy booster that can brighten up your space and lift your spirits.

Remedies for Vaastu Doshas

Vaastu Doshas are like little hiccups in the flow of positive energy in your home. They can bring about negative influences and disrupt harmony in your living space. It is important to recognize these Doshas to address them effectively. Signs of Vaastu Doshas can include constant stress, financial difficulties, health issues, or even frequent arguments among family members. By paying attention to these signs, you can identify areas in your home that might need some adjustments.

Here are some remedial actions: 

  • Mirrors

Mirrors are like magic tools in Vaastu. They can deflect negative energy and enhance positive vibes in your home. Placing mirrors strategically can help correct Vaastu Doshas. For instance, if a certain area in your home feels cramped or dull, hanging a mirror can create an illusion of space and light, making the area feel more open and vibrant.

  • Crystals

Crystals are thought to have strong healing powers in Vaastu. Each crystal gives off its own special energy that can even out the energy in your home. For instance, putting a clear quartz crystal in the middle of your home can make the energy feel balanced. Amethyst crystals can bring peace and calmness, and citrine crystals can bring wealth and plenty.

  • Vaastu-Friendly Objects

Incorporating Vaastu-friendly objects like brass idols can also help remedy Doshas. For instance, a brass Kamdhenu cow symbolizes prosperity and abundance. Placing it in your home can attract positive energy and ward off negativity. Similarly, brass Nandi and Ganesh idols are considered auspicious in Vaastu and can be placed strategically to enhance positive vibes and bring blessings of success and prosperity.

By using remedies like mirrors, crystals, and Vaastu-friendly items such as brass idols, you can fix Vaastu problems and make your home feel balanced and positive. This creates a happy and peaceful living space for everyone.

Vaastu Shastra principles can make your home life better. When you set up your home to have good energy flow and use things like brass idols that fit Vaastu rules, you can make a space where everyone feels good. This can bring harmony, wealth, and health to your home.

Through careful placement of furniture, decluttering, and placing symbols like brass Kamdhenu cow, brass Radha Krishna, brass Nandi, and brass Ganesh idols, you invite auspicious energies into your home. These brass idols remind you of wealth, plenty, and achievement, filling your home with good feelings and blessings. Also, if you find any Vaastu problems, you can fix them with simple solutions like mirrors, crystals, and Vaastu-friendly items. This can help make your home feel balanced and peaceful again.

Following Vaastu principles means making a place that supports your body, mind, and soul. When you embrace Vaastu, you start a journey to a better, richer life. Your home will be full of good feelings and blessings. So, let Vaastu show you how to make a home that's lucky, wealthy, and happy.


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