Importance of brass statue in the world

Importance of brass statue in the world

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Brass has been used to build statues in many places all around the world. The importance of brass can be understood if we turn the pages of history. The eastern and western civilizations all relied on brass. 


As the monarchs in Roman civilization and Asian civilization became civilized, they started to pay more attention to the art and craft. It is from here that the bud of crafting, sculpture making developed. All the plebians and their rulers then spent time of their day in creating arts. The common people tried to relax by making art from being fed up with wars and pangs of hunger. This is how the statue came to be built.


The historians have recovered many statues of idolatries and other symbolical statues.

Many metals were known to humankind. Then why are there more brass statues than statues of other metals?


The answer is simple if we dive deep into the properties of the brass. Brass statues are highly malleable, so they support different intricate carvings. Brass provided the craftsmen with the ultimate freedom to use them in their purpose.


Many grandeur and skillful statues can be found made of brass. Another reason, as discussed above, is that the brass, unlike iron, is protected from corrosion. We need to owe to this superior property because of which so many brass statues have been dugout. This specific quality made the brass statues immortal since they surpassed time and its diction.


The third quality of brass is that it is very affordable. India and other places had been a rich resource of wealth. But the rulers of ancient times exploited their people. They made statues of gold and silver. Hence to quench the thirst for craftsmanship, the common people used to make brass statues for its easy availability. 


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