Vedansh Art Creation

Brass Elephant Carving Urli

Rs. 12,500

HEIGHT - 12.5 INCHES (31cm)

WIDTH - 10 INCHES (25.5cm)

LENGTH - 12 INCHES (30cm)

DIAMETER - 8.5 INCHES (21.5cm)


URLI - A traditional cookware extensively used in south Indian states. It is also pronounced as Uruli and commonly made of clay, copper, bronze and brass. Urlis were used in the home for cooking and in Ayurveda to make medicines. Now Urlis are used as a decorative bowl in high-end resorts, hotels, showrooms and homes. This ethnic Indian carving Urli with two Majestic Elephants has two holders and comes with an adequate water holding capacity. The Urlis are also ideal for pooja ceremonies.

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