The art and craft

The art and craft

, by komal agrawal, 1 min reading time

Brass is an alloy that is made using a mixture of two metals, zinc and copper. The proportions of the two metals can vary. Based on the distinct percentages of zinc and copper constituents, the brass properties changes accordingly.

The brass has been used from time immemorial to make statues. This is sole because brass has a golden yellow color, which radiates like gold. Brass also provides longer durability since they are rust and corrosion-resistant.

Brass can be easily carved out into different designs. It is for this reason that artisans rely on brass for their handicraft works. Thus, the art and craft industries are dependent upon this alloy.

The statues built from brass are of various types. The majority of the brass statues are segregated into two types that are highly polished ones and the low polished ones. The later ones are in vogues, and they are called the antique statues.


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